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Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT009
Mango Chicken (400) - மாங்காய் சுவை கறி கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT007
Korma Cooking Sauce (400Ml) - குருமா சுவை கறி கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT006
Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce (400Ml) - நெய் சுவை கோழிக்கறி கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT005
Vindaloo Cooking Sauce (400Ml) - விண்டாலோ கறி கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT004
Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce (400Ml) - டிக்கா மசாலா கறி கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT003
Thandoori Cooking Sauce (400Ml) - தண்டூரி கறி கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT002
Sweet Mango Chutney (250Ml) -இனிப்பு மாங்காய் சம்பல் கலவை..
Brand: PATAK'S Model: TKPAT001
Spicy Butter Chicken Past (400Ml) - காரம் கூடியநெய்சுவைகோழிக்கறி கலவை..
Brand: KFI Model: TKKFI008
KFI Rogan Josh base is an amazing taste sensation from beginning to end. Rogan josh is a spicy, aromatic curry dish made from a flavorful blend of spices including cloves, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom and many others. This medium spicy rich curry is generally cooked with lamb, goat or chicken and serve..
Brand: KFI Model: TKKFI006
Tikka Masala-375mlKFI’s Spicy Butter Chicken sauce is a delicate tasting buttery tomato sauce mixed with various spices, including cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, fenugreek and cream. This spicy cream curry base bodes well with most meats, vegetables and seafood...
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